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KY Transportation Cabinet

Welcome to the KYCORS NAD83 2011 Web Site

If you have forgotten your login or are not sure if you already have a login, please contact the KYCORS Admin via the link at the bottom of the page before registering!

If you are having connection issues - Please use the Sensor Map link to view the real time status of the KYCORS stations and verify your credentials by logging into the website.

If the KYCORS status is green and you can log into the website and you are NOT a KYTC employee, please contact your equipment provider for additional support.


***ATTENTION: A GLONASS leap second was added at UTC midnight December 31rst. If your receiver firmware is not current, you may have issues getting a fixed position. A hard reset of the receiver may resolve the issue. If it does not, contact your equipment provider for assistance.***

***WARNING: It has come to our attention that some post processing software is not using the new leap second, especially when converting proprietary file formats to RINEX. Please contact your software provider to address this issue.***